Friday, February 24, 2006

Christmas in the Kingdom of Fife 2005

Abovc: The ancestral home of Robert the Bruce. The Kilconquar Estate in the Kingdom of Fife. We stayed in a small cottage on this grand estate.

Above: Christmas Day in our 'home away from home.'

Above: An old church in a small village on the North Sea.

Above: St. Andrews Abbey ruins.

Above: The coastline in St. Andrews.

Above: The famous golf course and club building at the St. Andrews golf course where the Brittish Open takes place. Absolutely beautiful!

Above: John and Angela at the William Wallace Monument in Stirling.

Above: John with Flat Stanley and a Vikingish kind of man?

Above: John and Angela with the statue of Willaim Wallace (or is it Mel Gibson?).


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